Redundancy – How can CDG help?


From my own personal experience, I know how hard it is to cope with redundancy. It really does feel like your world is falling apart when you lose your job.

Several years ago I was made redundant twice on the same day. Yes you did read that correctly. Twice on the same day! Allow me to explain. I was working in the world of Estate Agency. At the time I was managing 2 branches. Then one day the parent company called in the receivers. The nightmare had begun. This lead to my role at one of the branches being made redundant, then my role at the second branch was made redundant later on in the same day.

The first thing that hits you is panic. Then “what am I going to do?”

For me it was important that I stayed calm. I then talked everything through with a friend and also a Financial Adviser.

I had to consider my options.

Where can I get work?

Who is hiring?

Call my old contacts?

Think about finances, will my money last?

Where should I put my redundancy pay?

Having done all this I then wrote down my action plan and set to work on it.

I called a company I used to work for, unfortunately they didn’t have any vacancies in my field. However, they did as a mortgage consultant. This would mean retraining, taking exams, (which no one likes) a new start! So I put on the suit and went for the interview the next day.

I got the position, spent the next few months training and the rest as they say is history. This all lead me to the role I enjoy so much now, that of an independent financial adviser.

Over the years I have helped lots of people facing redundancy. My job is to try and take away your financial worries during this difficult time. So seek professional advice, (especially if that someone has been there) talk through your options and plan a strategy by working in partnership.

If you are facing redundancy and would like to talk through your options please do give me a call on 0115 977 1155 or email

David Pavier Independent Financial Adviser, CDG Financial Services Ltd.

CDG Announce Hospitals Charity Partnership


CDG are delighted to announce that we are now working in partnership with the Nottingham Hospitals Charity. We will in due course be offering our range of services to the staff of the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham Children’s Hospital and The City Hospital. Staff from the hospitals seeking our advice will also be benefitting the charity. CDG will be supporting the excellent work done by the charity by donating a proportion of our income derived from the venture. Richard Jephson CDG Business Development Director said “CDG Financial Services are thrilled to be working alongside the Nottingham Hospitals Charity. We hope that we can in some way help provide the added extras that make a genuine difference in patient care”. Also later in the year we will be holding a fund raising event so watch this space. Any of the hospital staff wishing to meet with one of CDG’s advisers, please contact Richard on 0115 977 1155 or email

Equity Release, who is it for?


There are two main types of equity release product available, Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion Plans. Both products are very similar in many ways but are also very different when it comes to ownership of the home.

A lifetime mortgage allows the homeowner to continue owning the home. However, with a Home reversion scheme the owner sells ownership to the Home Reversion Company but both schemes allow the applicant to retain the right to stay in the home as long as they wish.

Both schemes also allow the over 55’s to release money that is tied up in their home to spend however they like without having to make monthly payments to repay the loan. Beware of the interest roll up though, as this can increase the size of the loan significantly as each year passes.

Demand for equity release is rising fast with over £1 billion raised in 2013 by the over 55’s. Why? Well the most common reasons for releasing money tied up in people’s homes this way fall into one of two categories.

Firstly, they need to release money, because they have debts they can no longer afford to service or they have to pay off their mortgage or even because their retirement income has fallen well below their expectations and they just cannot afford to live without getting into more credit card or personal loan debt.

The second category is that they want to release the cash for things like home improvements, holidays, cars or even a gift to a family member. One of the fastest growing uses of equity release is to provide children with a deposit to buy their own home.

Equity release should not be entered into lightly though and anyone considering this should always explore all of their options first, even consider selling the home and downsizing to release funds. Only when all of the options have been considered and excluded, should equity release be chosen. Even then it should always be discussed with family and those who may be expecting some inheritance in the future.

Advice should also always be taken from a suitably qualified Equity Release Adviser and a Solicitor.

If you would like to know more about equity release, please contact Lee Tabreham at CDG Financial Services Limited on 0115 977 1155 or email