The loss of a loved one is clearly a very difficult time.  Discussing the finances of those affected is often seen as being insensitive and intrusive.  Our experience is somewhat different – although we clearly see it as a difficult subject to broach, it is often in the forefront of the minds of the bereaved.


How are they going to cope financially?

What are the immediate financial demands?

How do you budget for the future?

Who will help deal with the deceased’s estate?


At this point, the advice of a trusted financial adviser on a one to one basis is truly invaluable. At CDG we are well versed in helping people cope with the financial trauma of bereavement. Shouldn’t employers be there for their staff at this most testing of times? We think so and working with them we really can help.  Guiding those bereaved with sensitivity we look to ease the burden of financial worry through timely and expert planning.


If you want to know more about our bereavement advisory service, please call us on (0115) 9771155 or send us a message using our contact page 


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