Financial Health Check Service

Research tells us that clients really do value a close working relationship with their IFA. How do we start this process with your clients? Whether your clients are self-employed, the owners of a small to medium sized company or directors of a large corporation we can help.

Our Corporate Financial Planning Health Check offers peace of mind at the start of what we hope will be a long term partnership. It’s not all about pensions either. Sound and holistic financial planning is essential for any ambitious growing firm. Working hand in hand with you and your clients we will offer tailored solutions to help take their business forward. We can also look at how we can help protect their business from the challenges that may come its way. You too as a practice will benefit from a relationship with CDG. Client retention, increased services and referral levels are just a few of the benefits as a result of our structured and expert approach.


If our Corporate Financial Planning Health Check is of interest to you, please call us on (0115) 9771155 or send us a message using our contact page

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