Career Matters

As in life, careers change and your career choices really do matter, arguably more now than ever before. At CDG we are not looking to make your mind up for you, it’s your choice, but what we can do is help you take your business and you as an individual forward.

Equally important is that you enjoy the journey and your client values the outcome. We are not about to make you outlandish promises that we can’t keep. Our industry often falls foul of this. We only make promises to you and your clients that we know we can keep.


So, why CDG?

Let us give you 10 reasons why we feel a career as an IFA at CDG is worth considering.

1. Experience

CDG have been around for over 25 years with the key individuals having over 100 years’ experience in Financial Services. Why should that matter to you? Part of our ethos is to help our individual advisers develop, our experience allows us to do that. We’ve been there, seen and done it all. Our experience and expertise will enable you and your business to grow.

2. Marketing support

Do you ever wish you could attract more clients? Do you also wish you could find the time to do so? As one of our self-employed advisers you will have access to our marketing material, our plans, our thoughts and ideas. We would also welcome your input – the more the merrier. Our aim is to help you gain new clients and offer real value to your existing clients. You will hear us say value quite a lot, because how much your clients value you and your relationship dictates your future business prospects. Active marketing maintains contacts, adds value and helps you grow.

3. Business development

Are there differing sectors you would like to work in but don’t feel you have the skills?

Maybe you’ve tried it in the past and it didn’t work and you can’t quite put your finger on why?

We can help you here. Working with our Business Development Director (BDD) we will show you how to open the doors to various sectors / markets. These include:

  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Retirement / redundancy planning
  • Trust planning
  • Seminars

On joining you will be offered the opportunity to attend our “How to develop professional connections” course. Ran in-house our BDD has over 25 years’ experience of working in this sector, both as an adviser and as a trainer. Giving you the skills to develop your business is our commitment to you.

4. Our brand and ambition

As we said earlier we have been around a while. However we feel that we have only just scratched the surface in terms of where we want to go. Our brand will grow in time; our ambition is with us now. A respected brand coupled with the ambition to take CDG to the next level means you as one of our advisers would be in the perfect position to benefit.

5. We are in good shape

They say a profitable business is a happy one. Well, we are certainly both of these. Prudent planning and achievable growth plans will give you all the assurances you need. Throughout all the difficult times we have remained profitable. Profit builds confidence.

6. Team ethic

As someone who is considering a self-employed role you clearly value your independence. As do we. That isn’t to say that being and feeling part of a successful team doesn’t have its benefits. Through the sharing of success and best practice we know from experience that it can only help you and your business thrive. Think of the benefits for your clients as well. Let us not also forget that from time to time there will be obstacles and difficulties. The phrase “a problem shared is a problem halved” was coined for a reason. One last thing. We all spend a lot of our time at work so let’s enjoy it! We achieve this via the development of a supportive team culture.

7. Our advice process

No surprises and no fads. We have a simple documented investment philosophy. What does that mean for your clients? Well it means they will understand what they have and will avoid the pitfalls often associated with the latest off the wall schemes, so satisfied clients sleep easy at night.

8. Support for you

An IFA can grow or wither dependent on the back up support they receive. Being part of CDG will give you have access to support with 24 years’ experience in our industry. They also carry out paraplanning duties as and when you require, so don’t be scared to ask – they are genuinely here to help and make your life easier.

9. We never promise anything we can’t deliver

We’ve all seen the pitfalls which can arise. Offered guaranteed high quality leads every day, a buyout beyond your wildest dreams, but none of them materialise – does this sound familiar?

Honesty is not only the best it’s the only policy for us. That you focus on your clients is key to us rather than a series of undeliverable promises. We will help and support you and at all times be open and realistic in what we can deliver.

10. How we pay

We offer a realistic and sustainable package. Payments are paid swiftly on time every month. For new starters we will also look at ways we can help you in the early months before your flow of business commences.

What next

We hope this has given you an insight into CDG, who we are and our philosophy. The rest is down to you. If you want to be part of our experienced and expanding team, please do get in touch. We look forward to telling you more about CDG, our plans and why it’s such a great place to be.