Our Proposition


Based in Nottingham, CDG Financial Services are one of the East Midlands’ leading retirement and mortgage specialists. Our highly experienced team offers advice on a wide range of topics including pensions, annuities, investments and mortgage advice.

What sets us apart from other IFAs (Independent Financial Advisers) is our holistic approach to planning and advising. What does this mean? Simply put, we take a comprehensive and detailed approach to your financial needs and wants. We look at what you wish to do with your life and then link this to a financial planning strategy that joins everything together.

It’s very important to us that a partnership results in a valued and beneficial experience. To this end we have put together a menu of services that will suit the requirements of people who desire and appreciate the benefits of an ongoing relationship with their trusted CDG financial adviser.

It is natural that your financial plan and goals will evolve over the years, and working in partnership with CDG we will help you stay on track as and when your circumstances change. Having your financial plan under one roof gives you control and comfort, leaving you with peace of mind.

So why choose CDG?

A great many of our clients have been referred to us by our existing clients and our professional connections such as solicitors and accountants, and the trust that these relationships give us are important.

Feedback from our clients tells us they are crying out for a strong relationship with their financial advisers – a partnership if you will. We need to be there when we are needed to guide them to reach their financial goals.

We also see it is our role to make our clients aware of what’s going on in our world, explain the effects and change course if required. Adding value is our aim and the strength of the relationship we have with our clients is at the very heart of this.


“I have introduced several clients to CDG. They have always received a highly professional service and top quality advice on both mortgages and investments” Steve Black – Keyworth.



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