Before we go on to tell you a little more about one of the services we offer to clients of accountants, ask yourself these questions.


What tangible benefits do you derive from your IFA relationships?

Why did you enter into such relationships?

How would you best describe the relationship, ad hoc or structured?

Do you refer to your IFAs once a week / month / year?

Do you truly value the relationship?


The overlap between the accounting and financial advisory professions is significant and as such it is in the interests of our respective clients to have access to the best advice possible from a trusted source. This is where a partnership between an accountant and an IFA can work very well.


At CDG, we talk a lot about relationships. Let us add another word – “structured”. There is a world of difference between an ad hoc and temporary relationship and a structured and long term one. At CDG we bring structure, experience and know-how. Our approach is refreshingly different, and we hope you’ll enter into this mutually beneficial arrangement alongside us.


If you’d like to find out more about working with us at CDG, please call us on (0115) 9771155 or send us a message using our contact page

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